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Introduction, Terms and Upcoming.

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Received my first order today-- I suppose that means I'm officially in business.

A little introduction to this store and myself. My name is トーマス 「thomas」and I used to collect retro videogames, mostly SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA Saturn, SNK Neo Geo, NEC PCEngine and Arcade (MVS, Atomiswave, Namco System 246).

"I was quit when I came in here. I'm twice as quit now."

The short of it-- I am done collecting 30 year old electronics and now I'm looking to find good homes for the items I have been collecting over the last few years that I will never find the time to utilize.

I am not looking to build a business of selling retro videogames. These items are from my personal collection and that collection is on the decline and will not be replenished. So this is one of those going, going, gone situations. 


With that said, here are some terms. No refunds, all sales are final. Everything I am selling has been tested working at some time during my ownership and are assumed to be in working condition unless noted. Almost all products have been in storage for at least 6 months and due to the age of many of these products, I simply cannot guarantee they still work as they did. Capacitors, batteries, plastics, etc. degrade over time. I will make my best effort to price all products accordingly.

Unfortunately, I will not have the time to describe in great detail every product I list. At a minimum you can expect from me to list any notable included items. I try to tag any and every model number. It can be expected that all items in product photos are included (except for my sofa). Every product will be listed with at least a couple photos and the master uploaded file viewable. Based on the provided photos, please use your best judgement of condition. I will note anything that is what I deem "minty", but it is best to assume nothing is "minty" unless noted.


I have a lot of stuff and I am trying to set aside the time to do things in batches. This initial batch was focused on extra consoles. For the most part all of the consoles I have are up. Next I plan to begin listing PCEngine and Neo Geo CD games. Hopefully after that, a lot of import Sega Saturn and import Dreamcast games. After that, I plan to list the last of my collection (saving the best for last).

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